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Endorsements on LinkedIn

Do you know you can endorse (lend credibility to) someone else’s skills and expertise with one simple click of the mouse in LinkedIn?

Shiny Objects

How much are your clients worth to you?

What is the life-time value of your current clients?  You do not have to answer the question to me, but you need to answer it to yourself!  And while you reflect on that, what is the cost of gaining a new client or customer?  Has the cost of gaining a new client changed since you  acquired more »


Google has announced that it is removing support for 97-2003 Microsoft Office documents

From The Next Web comes the news that Google will be removing its support for 97-2003 Microsoft documents. This means that the old format of .doc, .xls, .ppt for example will no longer be supported

Travel Agency

Social Media Marketing help for travel agents

Travel agents have so much to do to stay on top of their business, their clients and their industry knowledge, how can they be expected to master the fine art of social media marketing? There is help, though, through contacting Expected Outcomes.


“Shiny things” – fun that soon becomes work

Don’t you just love to find a new “shiny thing” to play with? Social media tools are “shiny things” and are fun to play with until they start to feel like work.


More About Social Media Marketing

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Instagram-if you use it, you could “lose” it

Yesterday, CNET writer, Declan McCullagh published an article about Instagram’s new terms of service that takes effect in January.  If you have been using Instagram and have an account there, you may want to think about deleting it before January 16th unless the outcry causes a reversal in the planned changes.  You can wait until more »

shooting for your target

As a business you can add targeting to your Facebook Status updates

When you are using Facebook as a business page, Facebook has just added a targeting tool to your posts which allows you to target your audience.


Facebook business timelines pages can add to your marketing efforts

One of the best things about the business timeline pagemaking – the cover photo…and you need to make the best use of it – making it work hard for you (even when you are asleep). If you don’t, you are missing out!!!


Tip of the Day: First questions to consider to maximize your Facebook business page

Have you customized your Facebook page yet?   “Customized?” you ask.  Heck, you haven’t yet made your business page – how could you have customized it? OR …… “Customized?” you ask.  I made my business page a long time ago….before the timeline was enforced. And I haven’t looked at it since!   Sure there are more »


Tip of the Day: Using Facebook as your business page

Did you know that you can use Facebook as your Business Page and not just your personal profile? Use it to post to Facebook and “Like” other Business Pages.   When you are in your newsfeed view, simply click the “down arrow” next to “Home” and select the business page to use Facebook as (see  photo to more »


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